Together we can save Rushan

Urgently need financial help for the treatment of Provat Kabir's younger brother Rushan of BUET ' 18 batch. Please help as much as you can, let's save one of our brothers.

Rushan's mother's appeal - ′′ Assalamu Alaikum. I am Nazia Hasan, Nawar Khan Rushan's mother. An update has been given that Russian's condition is getting worse day by day. But over the last year, due to Corona, we couldn't give any update as we couldn't go to India with Rushan. Rushan is originally a patient of Fortis Escort Hospital, Delhi. Doctor said Russian's condition is very severe. Within 1 months, Russian will have to go to India for open heart surgery. By birth Rushan did not have one valve and the second one does not work. Another valve's blood vessel squeezed from the front to the back. Russian is somewhat alive with one active valve. Russian's open heart will add artificial valve and now the valve's blood vessel has become much bigger and the front vessel has become narrower. In this condition, if we can't operate quickly, the lamp of my life will be extinguished. 22 lakh taka will be required to perform this operation. As a mother, I am asking you to help me financially for my son's treatment. My son will get a beautiful healthy life if I extend your helping hand. I am saying with folded hands to all the people of Bangladesh, come forward from wherever you can.

Please contact Shaestagir Chowdhury "[email protected]" for any details.

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