Few years ago, our friend Tarik, (Md. Tarikul Islam Chowdhury) a BUET graduate of Batch 88, went to Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Singapore for a brief checkup with seemingly minor heart issues and chronic gastritis. That intended brief checkup became an odyssey of hospital visits both in Singapore and Chennai with tens of medical procedures only to find out that his heart cannot pump blood adequately due to unusually thick cardiac muscles with no conclusive diagnosis.

His doctors, however, are suspecting cardiac amyloidosis, a rare heart disease that is caused by a deposit of amyloid, an abnormal protein in the heart tissue. This disease drastically reduces patient’s life expectancy. Unfortunately, there is no specific treatment to take the amyloid out of the heart, however, there are preventive medical practices which either stop the abnormal protein from being produced or stabilize the protein so that it doesn’t deposit within the heart. Tarik needs to go to USA soon to get a cardiac biopsy and follow up treatment. If diagnosed, the treatment of cardiac amyloidosis needs to start immediately at a specialized hospital in USA which is going to be formidably expensive.

Tarik has been blessed with a wonderful life with his wife Ismat Jahan Nipa and only daughter Tasnia Isbat and a decent career in Alfa Laval in Bangladesh until his health issues came up. Over the last few years, Tarik exhausted his savings on pre-diagnosis trials. To make matters worse, he went into medical retirement from Alfa Laval due to his health. All these has taken a toll on his mental and physical health.

Tarik is a complete gentleman with a very kind heart. Even during this very difficult time, he hasn’t lost his smile and humor! Despite, the truth is – without outside help, Tarik will no longer be able to afford the much-needed biopsy and subsequent treatment. Therefore, on behalf of Tarik and his family, we urge you to please come forward and help raising fund for Tarik’s treatment.


If you donate through your company to get the matching, please mention only “Tarik” in the comment section.

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Member Name: Md. Tarikul Islam Chowdhury
Bank Name: Standard Chartered Bank
Account Number: 181090836-01

BIKASK A/C Number: 01914011509

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