This is an initiative to save a mother of two cute small baby girls name Sohani(10), Inaaya(3) surviving Hodgkin Lymphoma. In 2015, she was diagnosed with cancer in India. In medical parlance it is called Relapsed Hodgkin Lymphoma. At that time she came back home after recovering from chemotherapy but the disease remained in her body as she was not given radiotherapy. According to the doctors, she needs to undergo chemotherapy and bone marrow transplant very soon. Due to the financial crisis, no treatment was possible for 2 years. In 2017, two new tumors appeared in his throat, the tumors are getting bigger day by day and she is on the verge of death. She returned to the country with partial treatment as it was not possible to bear the medical expenses in India. Now she is undergoing treatment at Dhaka Military Hospital. At the moment her doctor's advice is to reduce the tumor with radiotherapy and then transplant the bone marrow. She needs at least $ 40,000 to complete her entire treatment. We are trying to raise some money from here. Please donate as much as possible to save two baby girls from not being an orphan. We know mothers are the best gifts from the heaven. Let us stand beside her and help to return back to her daughters.

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Ehsan Nazim: [email protected]

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Project created on 5/01/2022

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