Portland community is requesting your help to support its community member Erum Ayaz for his medical treatment. Please help.

Please contact Motahar Ahmed "[email protected]" for more details.

A personal note from Erum Ayaz:

This is Erum Ayaz, First of all, I would like to thank you for the consideration. I have been suffering from a medical condition where I have been on Disability since April of 2017, I had tried to return to work for few months last year but it resulted in worsening of my physical health. I have decided not to go against medical advice this time and take my time to get healed. I have another surgical procedure coming up under plastic surgery in near future. We get enough to survive day to day but it’s our health insurance maintenance and a few other bills including tuition fee for one of our children who are still dependent on us. I require full-time nursing care due to being in a wheelchair and its related challenges. That restricts my husband to find employment and to afford home health instead when he is not around.

I am hoping to traverse road of recovery soon so I can get stabilize economically. Meanwhile, any financial help is going to be a Blessing and God sent help. Thank you so much for your time and your timely help; May God reward you for your good intentions and contributions.



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