Swapnanagar Bidyaniketan is the first ever school of its kind in this abandoned tea estate area where families sustain their lives below the poverty line. Unlike typical primary schools, Swapnanagar provides full-support learning facilities where kids can complete their lessons within the school alone. Hence families don’t need to bear any cost for private tutors or guide books.

Remoteness and other constraints limit the school grow beyond grade V. Here comes the most powerless moment when students have to leave Swapnanagar for continuing their studies in higher classes. In most cases the tentacles of poverty and cultural beliefs grip them tight and the students appear in a position to end up leaving their education. They stumble upon few challenges like:

* cost to continue a distant high/middle school * necessity of ‘paid tuition’ or ‘coaching’ as typical high schools lack enough learning within school * withdrawal of family support as boys already grew up to ‘earn’ & girls to ‘get married’.

Ankur International has come forward to support those students with a human hauler and scholarship to continue in higher classes. These supports have been very crucial to keep Swapnanagar kids continue their studies in higher classes and the result is students here are already pursuing for colleges.

Ankur has plan to support Swapnanagar in following fields-

1) Support education continuation cost of High School going students from Swapnanagar 2) Provide these students with transportation facility 3) Support the operational cost of primary school 4) Provide all school kids with a mid-day nutrition to retain their energy for the whole day

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