Fazlul Haque, a former BUET civil engineer, batch 91, used to work for Department of Transportation, Albany, NY as an Engineer, passed away on Sunday June 28, 2020 after a sudden massive heart attack. Inna lillahe wa inna elaihe rajeun. Within 2 hours of the heart attack, he was pronounced death in Albany Med Center. It was a devastating news for the family and in Albany Muslim community. He was a very pure man with pure heart and a smiling face all the time. He was very involved in the community outreach and extremely attached to masajids there.

Fazlu's sudden death left his family (his wife and 2-children: Afia-10th grade and Tahmid-5th grade) in the dark situation. He did not left any savings but his family is having a big amount of debt to pay off without any source of income now. BUET batch 91 came forward to help Fazlu's family in this dire situation. Please donate genorously to save the family from this broken situation.

For more information, Please contact:

Md Monirul Islam, EE, batch 91. Email: [email protected]

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