We always try to bring positive changes in the community through our community development initiatives.

We Ensure:

  • Education for kids – extra hand to the kids needing help on math and science
  • Food and shelter for homeless
  • Keep homeless warm during cold winter
  • Make homesless youths contributing to the community
  • Healthcare for the uninsured ones We also provide vulnerable women of the remote areas the opportunity to contribute to the income of their household or even achieve self-independence. By providing them with training and the opportunity to earn their own income, these women can immediately establish their own identity, achieve personal growth and enrich their lives by opening doors that were previously closed to them. We are providing vocational training courses help them build a better future for themselves. They can earn an income (and even work from home while continuing in their traditional role as homemakers), which sets them on the path out of poverty and social exclusion.
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